Summer of color

Published June 25, 2013 by starlightdoodler

I just found this great free workshop, Summer of Color, I am bait late at joining in as it is already up to week 3 so I will have to do some catching up. The colors for this week are purple and lime green,I love that combo. I will now have to go and create something. I am going to combine it with another challenge ” ICAD ” that I also recently found over at Daisy Yellow’s blog. I am so new at blogging that it is taking me some time to work out how everything works but I am getting there, so I will go now and see what I can create and will be back with pictures soon.

acrylic paint, papers from my stash, doodle with sharpie markers

acrylic paint, papers from my stash, doodle with sharpie markers

acrylic paint,bubble wrap

acrylic paint,bubble wrap

I have done some others but thought I would see how I went getting these up here

acrylic paint and pastel

acrylic paint and pastel

pastel,papers from my stash

pastel,papers from my stash



One comment on “Summer of color

  • Yay, a new fellow blogger! lol. Heyy, this wordpress theme goes well with the title. Good choice.

    Took me a bit to get the hang of WordPress, too, but the dashboard interface is nicely organized. And ICAD is SO contagious. I made quite a few yesterday, but they’re not finished. Anyway, can’t wait to see the stuff you make. n__n

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